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Brady - Australian Custom (DR1360860801)
Australian Custom


€3250 €2995
Technical specifications

Jarrah Silver Gimlet finish

10" x 10" TT
12" x 12" TT
14" x 14" TT
20" x 18" BD

Additional information

Australian custom made 4-piece shellset.

Brady is the only company of its kind, able to produce its own ply shells in a revolutionary method pioneered by Chris Brady in 1988. The shells are made in a dry-mould system, using individual Select Grade plies of Jarrah wood. Jarrah is a unique hardwood, growing only in Western Australia, and is much harder than rock maple. The drum is pressed in a straight-grain method. All timber grain runs in the same horizontal direction around the drum shell (not cross-laminated), giving them a solid-wood sound, previously unknown in a ply shell.

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