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Gretsch - USA Custom (DR1363797065)
USA Custom


Technical specifications

Black Silver Stripe finish

18” x 22” BD
8” x 10” TT
9” x 12” TT
16” x 16” FT
14" x 6.5" SD

Additional information

Only 30 kits have been made available on a worldwide basis, with just 7 pieces distributed for Europe.

Available on a very limited basis, this Gretsch USA Custom drum set features silver sparkle inlays, on the shells with an ultra-smooth Nitrocellulose gloss lacquer finish. The Silver Sparkle Nitron wrap is precisely embedded and affixed into hand-cut shell inlay beds. Double inlays adorn the bass drum and toms; a single inlay is featured on the snare drum. All shells include a special edition, numbered internal shell label. The 5-piece Piano Black set with Silver inlays also features specially designed Black Gretsch badge.

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