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Tama - Silverstar Hybrid Cocktail kit (DR1469617809)
Silverstar Hybrid Cocktail kit


€899 €849
Technical specifications

- Bass Drum 6” x 16”
- Tom Tom 5” x 10”
- Floor Tom 5.5” x 14”
- Snare Drum 5” x 12”
- Single Drum Pedal
- Closed Hi-Hat Attachment
- Cymbal Attachment
- MC62 Multi-Clamp for Sound Module
- Drum Bag
- Hardware Bag

Additional information

TAMA’s Cocktail-Jam kit is a portable, compact hybrid drum kit that is perfect for the drummer that needs to travel light and where stage space is limited. Similar in concept to Roland’s portable, compact V-Drums kit it allows drummers to move from home to rehearsals and gigs effortlessly.

Compact size and less stage space are winners for the gigging drummer (not to mention the band!). But it can mean the acoustic sound is higher in pitch or brighter in tone than you might have with bigger diameter or deeper shells. In particular, if you’re playing a gig without mics on the kit, the sound might benefit from a boost.

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