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HAPI  - HAPI Drum Slim Tuneable (PE1469625117)
HAPI Drum Slim Tuneable


Technical specifications

Ideal for the musician who wants to change scales for different compositions, or for the casual drummer who wants to experiment with different scales.
Comes with an illustrated instruction booklet and 24 different scales to get you started!
Tune your drum to a huge range of Pentatonic Scales in C, B, Bb, A.
Try out Minor, Akebono, Pygmy, Egyptian, Blues, Major, Melog and more!
Play with your hands, or with the provided mallets for great sound.
Instead of purchasing many drums in different tunings, you can get one that will play in over 24!
The highest note possible is E in the 5th octave, the lowest note possible is A in the 3rd octave.
Comes with the standard 440 hz tuning.

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